Autodesk® BIM 360® construction management software is about collaboration for AEC projects. It’s about bringing teams of people together and helping them work together in an easy, seamless and fluid way using the power of the cloud and the web. BIM 360 enables almost anytime, anywhere access to project data throughout the building construction and lifecycle. BIM 360 empowers those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.



Market Opportunity

Enormous growth is predicted for the construction market:

  • Construction represents 6% of global GDP (Source: World Economic Forum)
  • There are up to 180 million construction workers (Source: Building and Woodworkers International
  • The volume of construction output will grow by 85% to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, with three countries, China, US and India, leading the way and accounting for 57% of all global growth. (Source Global Construction 2030)


BIM 360 and Forge Integration Opportunities

The Autodesk Forge developer platform enables developers to develop apps that integrate with the Autodesk BIM 360 platform*1 to extend its capabilities in the construction ecosystem.  Apps and services integrated with BIM 360 can offer designers, engineers, and contractors the opportunity to reduce manual data entry, improve data quality and consistency, and automate construction workflows.

Integration use cases and opportunities to add value include, but are not limited to:

Connecting BIM 360 with:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for project automation
  • Design Checking
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management solutions
  • Cost Estimation and financial systems
  • Field Management
  • Reality Capture
  • Bid Management
  • … and more 

Challenges bring opportunities:


Visit BIM 360 Ideas to get ideas on problems BIM 360 customers want to solve. 

*1) As of August 1, 2017, BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team are based on the Forge API. Autodesk is working to provide a single, unified BIM experience in the near future.   


About Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Forge is the developer platform that Autodesk uses to create software for design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, and it’s available to you too. By using the Forge platform's cloud services and developer resources, companies and individuals can access design and engineering data to enhance and help create new customized applications and seamless experiences, develop applications and cloud services with industry standard web technologies and the same web services that Autodesk uses.

Learn more about Forge


Forge APIs are the building blocks for your next-generation design app


The BIM 360 API offers account level access. Most of the functionality you can perform through the BIM 360 Account Admin module, such as creating a project and adding companies and members, will be accessible through the BIM 360 API.

Learn more and see more in-depth details here. 

Data Management API

The Data Management API provides a unified and consistent way to access data across Autodesk’s Forge-based products, such as BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team.  Learn more

Model Derivative API

The Model Derivative API enables users to represent and share their designs in different formats, as well as to extract valuable metadata. Learn more


The Forge Viewer is a WebGL-based, JavaScript library for zero-client, interactive 3D and 2D model rendering. 3D and 2D model data may come from a wide array of applications, such as Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Revit®, BIM software, and many more. Learn more

Design Automation API *2) 

The Design Automation API provides the ability to run scripts on your design files, leveraging the scale of the Forge Platform to automate repetitive tasks. Learn more 

*2) The Design Automation API is not used in BIM 360. However, you are welcome to use it in conjunction with BIM 360. Creativity is endless. 

BIM 360 and Forge Resources

In addition to providing access to its powerful platform of web services, Autodesk helps developers in a number of ways - from one-on-one support to forums, training, resources such as sample applications and blogs, and worldwide events—and, if you are breaking new ground, startup funding. Our teams of experts are ready to help you ramp up quickly.


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